The First On-Demand
Transaction Monitoring Platform
The Future Of Financial Crime Fighting
Financial institutions need effective transaction monitoring and surveillance to meet regulatory and compliance demands
ShieldLink delivers faster, better, simpler transaction analysis

Market Challenges
Financial institutions are facing substantial challenges, beyond increasingly aggressive regulators, across the market:
Performance Is Declining

Most monitoring solutions have difficultly adapting to new regulations

Costs Are Skyrocketing

Compliance, operational, and technology costs continue to grow

Disruptive Technology

The entire market is being disrupted with new products and services

In this environment, institutions need better, more innovative solutions
The ShieldLink Platform
ShieldLink is a cloud-based transaction monitoring service, enabling financial institutions to perform complex analysis and processing on transactions without costly hardware, expensive software, or lengthy implementations
Simplify Compliance Demands

ShieldLink streamlines compliance operations and reduces operational burden

Improve Monitoring Performance

ShieldLink can dramatically enhance an institutions monitoring capabilities quickly and easily

With ShieldLink, start processing data in minutes, not weeks or months.
ShieldLink offers:
Subscription Pricing

More effectively predict and manage compliance monitoring costs

Cloud Scalability

Adjust and scale as needed to meet variable processing needs

Extensive Analysis Tools

Wide array of analytic, network, rule-based, and scoring functions

About Us

We have spent years working with financial institutions of all sizes, helping them with regulatory and compliance challenges, and have repeatedly seen the effect of underperforming software solutions and growing costs.

We know how challenging the environment has become, and we know the criminals are as relentless as the regulators. With ShieldLink, financial firms can reduce costs, solve regulatory needs and refocus on their core business.

ShieldLink’s mission is to bring new, innovative, and cost-effective solutions that solve some of the biggest challenges in banking and finance

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